Salon Bodhi offers hair extension services from some of Denver's most respected experts.

The wide array of options available today when it comes to hair extensions can be confusing. Please contact us about coming in for a professional consultation with one of our expert hair extension technicians to determine what the right solution is for you and your budget.

Below are some of the more frequently asked questions we get about hair extensions from our clients. We offer this information to help you begin understanding some of the options currently available.

"Can I get temporary hair extensions for a special occasion?"

Yes, clip-in extensions are the perfect complement to any formal hairstyle. Whether you are wearing your hair in an up-do, long and flowing, or a combination of both, full-head or single clip-ins from Babe will give you that dramatic, sexy, red-carpet-ready look.

A great feature of clip-in extensions is their versatility. One of our hair extension experts will shape your haircut to compliment the clip-in extensions and style your hair for the event. In addition, we will educate you on how best to wear the piece later. That means you can continue to use the hair, even after your event.

"I want to try hair extensions. Is there something affordable and easy?"

Tape-in or adhesive hair extensions offer a relatively quick application and give you length, volume and healthy looking hair at an affordable price. Salon Bodhi offers Babe Tape-in extensions and adhesive extensions from Hot Heads. These 100% human hair extensions feature a medical grade adhesive specifically designed for a strong yet healthy bond to your hair.

Application can take less than two hours and with proper care you can expect beautiful hair for 3-6 months. The advantages with tape-in or adhesive extensions are faster application and lower cost than individual graft hair extensions. However, since they are bonded to larger sections of hair and lay flat, a high ponytail or updo should be avoided.

"Which type of hair extensions do you recommend for a full head of natural looking hair that can be worn up or down?"

Customized individually grafted, micro link or tape-in extensions will give you the most natural looking, versatile and customizable look. We can personalize every aspect of the length, volume, fullness and color depth with the individual application extensions.

After your initial consultation, your Salon Bodhi extensionist will carefully custom match your hair color and recommend the extension product that matches your needs. Then 100% human hair is carefully attached to the root of your own hair either by the bundle or by the graft with the use of a specialized tool. Hair can be attached with the use a micro loop, a very small ring made of copper, aluminum or silicone, then squeezed closed around your own hair.

Alternatively, hair can be attached with keratin -- the same keratin in your own hair -- for a safe and durable bond. Because of the individual placements of the extensions, this process takes several hours for the initial application. However, with proper care and maintenance, these extensions can last a year or more. The high quality hair can also be removed and replaced as your own hair grows.

"What is the best hair extension for thinning and very fine hair?"

Hotheads Hairwear provides a full-head solution for clients with thinning hair who are looking to maximize hair volume and thickness with minimal bonding to already thin or fragile hair. The Hotheads Hairwear pieces are attached permanently and can be worn for 4-6 weeks. Because these piece are a wider weft of hair, some styling choices may be limited to hair worn down or in a low ponytail.

"What type of hair extensions will give me the best extra length?"

All of the carefully selected hair extension products offered at Salon Bodhi can give you length. Silky,100% human remy hair is standard with all of the products we offer. A consultation with a Salon Bodhi hair extension expert will give you the best recommendation based on your specific needs.

"How much can I expect to pay?"

Highlights and accents can range from $50 to $200.
Thickening can range from $150 to $300
Lengthening ranges from $500 to $2000 depending on your desired lengh and volume of hair.
Contact us for a free consultation with a Salon Bodhi hair extension expert to learn more.

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