Salon Bodhi: Denver's First Ouidad Certified Salon

"I have a friend who said her stylist does some kind of slicing curly hair technique, is this the same thing?"
- Karen L.., Denver, Colorado

Ouidad's intensive training and testing is designed to make certified stylists Curly Hair Experts. The training is demanding and not every stylist passes the certification testing. When it comes to hair, Ouidad knows that experience matters! Admission into the certification program requires a minimum of 5 years of salon experience. Trust the stylists that bring the skill and experience to achieve the highly regarded Ouidad Certification, and beware of stylists claiming to offer the technique who aren't Ouidad certified. Stacy Jo and the certified stylists at Salon Bodhi bring decades of experience in hair care and have earned the title of Curl Expert.

Why the Right Product Changes Everything

"With the Ouidad products I find I actually need to use less than with other products. I think it's also because of Stacy Jo's Ouidad cut. With the cut and the products together, my hair has never looked better!"
- Dr. Alexis Parker, Lasair Aesthetic Health, Denver, Colorado
Selecting products can be daunting and the results can be frustrating. Many products claim to tame frizz or smooth kinky hair, only to give you a heavy, sticky, greasy feel. Or, products designed to give better hold render hair "untouchable" and throughout the day the hair becomes increasingly dry, brittle and frizzy. Finding the balance of smoothing, defining and enhancing your curls isn't magic, but it does take some science.

Ouidad Products are designed with the primary focus on healthy hair. Products that provide aesthetic results lasting only until your next shampoo just get washed down the drain. Ouidad's holistic approach means ingredients work harmoniously and reliably.

Curly hair is delicate because of the spiral structure of curly hair, the cuticle layer can easily be disturbed, leading to dryness and frizz. Products that are overly drying or heavy can disrupt the cuticle and cause hair to be limp and lifeless, or dry and easily breakable.

But curly hair is stubborn, too. The paradox is that the same fragile hair that's so prone to breakage can be so difficult to style. Feeding the hair with moisture, proteins and amino acids is what creates the perfect balance of strength and softness.

"My boyfriend used to call it 'ramen head'. I'd slather on whatever goop got rid of the frizz and let it dry. The result with my blonde, tightly curly hair did, in fact, look like ramen noodles. And it was as stiff and dry as noodles, too! I can laugh about it now. Only smooth, touchable curls for me from now on!
- Madeline S., Kearney, Nebraska

At every step in formulation, Ouidad products have been designed to enhance and compliment the texture and behavior of your hair. Products are gentle, but effective, and leave hair manageable and healthy. There are no waxes, silicones or heavy oils to weigh your hair down. Formulations are lightweight and water soluble leaving no residue or build-up.

A Certified Ouidad Stylist can analyze your hair and recommend the best products to maximize the texture, shape and condition of your curly hair. We want you to love your curls. At Salon Bodhi, we are transforming the way women feel about their hair, one head at a time!

Our Mission, Our Commitment

In 2009, Stacy Jo had a vision for a new salon. She imagined a place where each individual's unique inner beauty could shine; a place where the vibrant light radiating from within becomes an outward beauty; a place that transforms the way we feel about ourselves. At Salon Bodhi we believe, that every individual is unique and beautiful, inside and out. This is what defines our commitment to serving our clients.

With 22 years of experience in hair styling, aesthetics, and holistic health and beauty, Stacy Jo has built Salon Bodhi to reflect these values. Her mission is to assist her clients in discovering and celebrating their natural beauty. Stacy Jo's years of specialized training and Ouidad Certification make her an expert in the art and science of hair and beauty. Discover for yourself why clients love Stacy Jo and Salon Bodhi.

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